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ISSN : 1225-5009(Print)
ISSN : 2287-772X(Online)
Flower Research Journal Vol.31 No.S pp.37-37

A New Variety of Schlumbergera Hybrid ‘Red Label’ with Vivid Red Colored Flower

Youn Hee Kim1*, Kyu Seok Jung1, Jae Hong Lee1, Jae Hong Jung1, Gu Hyun Jung1, and Gee Young Lee2
1Cactus & Succulent Research Institute, Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services, Goyang, 10224, Korea
2Horticultural Research Division GARES, Hwaseong, 18333, Korea


The new Schlumbergera hybrid ‘Red Label’ was developed at Cactus & Succulent Research Institute, Gyeonggi-do A.R.E.S. in 2022. ‘Red Label’ was crossed between S. truncata breeding line ‘GS0545-1’ and ‘GS0976-5’ in 2015. Breeding line ‘GS0545-1’ has many phylloclades and red flowers. ‘GS0976-5’ has short and narrow phylloclade and vivid pink flowers. 3 progenies were selected from 53 seedlings and were evaluated for specific characteristics through pedigree selection, and the final selection had been to 2022. The finally selected line was named as ‘Red Label’ having vivid red (RHS 46B) and 6.5cm long flowers. The number of phylloclades and lateral shoots of ‘Red Label’ was 76.7 and 30.3, respectively. It produces more phylloclades and lateral shoots than S. truncata ‘Red Roman’. It has longer flower, floral width and phylloclades than those of Red Roman’. Number of days to flowering is 8 weeks. Morphological characteristics of this cultivar can be maintained through vegetative propagation.




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    Publisher : The Korean Society for Floricultural Science
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