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ISSN : 1225-5009(Print)
ISSN : 2287-772X(Online)
Flower Research Journal Vol.31 No.S pp.18-18

Photo-Physiological Assessment of Shade Tolerance in Korean Endemic Hosta Species

Min Ji Kim1, Bo-kyeong Kang1, Ha Ram Yang1, Yeong Chan Shin1, Yuri Lee1, Da Yeon Kim1, Je Yeon Yeon2, Ho Jin Lee2, Wan Soon Kim1,2*
1Department of Environmental Horticulture, University of Seoul, Seoul 02504, Korea
2Natural Science Research Institute, University of Seoul, Seoul 02504, Korea


To compare shade tolerance between Korean endemic plants, Hosta minor (HM) and H. yingeri (HY), we investigated growth responses and photo-physiological values under three different low light conditions: 5 μmol・m-2・s-1 PPFD (L5), 10 μmol・m-2・s-1 (L10), and 20 μmol・m-2・s-1 (L20) for 12 weeks. As a result, low light condition decreased the leaf number significantly by 11.8% in HM and 24.3% in HY compared to initial value. By the way, stomata density increased 2.6 - 2.7 times, and stomatal size decreased 0.39 - 0.32 times in two species. Photosynthetic rate showed a significant reduction by 86.6% in HM and 46.3% in HY under L5, and were recovered as initial values under L20. The light compensation point decreased by 30% - 75% in HM and 20% - 59% in HY under low light conditions. In the dark-adapted chlorophyll fluorescence values, Fo significantly decreased, and Fv/Fm and ETR increased by 60%, and NPQ reduced by 62% - 76%, which could be explained by the decline of QA in photosystem II (PSII) not resulting in the damage of PSII from 12 week low light conditions. These results suggested that two Korean endemic Hosta species could be adapted to low light conditions around 10 μmol・m-2・s-1.




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    Year of Launching : 1991
    Publisher : The Korean Society for Floricultural Science
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