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ISSN : 1225-5009(Print)
ISSN : 2287-772X(Online)
Flower Research Journal Vol.31 No.S pp.10-10

Assessment of F1 Hybrid Derived by Interspecific Hybridization between Hibiscus syriacus and Hibiscus sinosyriacus Based on Cytogenetic Traits

Deen Mohammad Deepo1, Jiyun Kang1, Eunjae Seo1, Abdul Basit1, Hong-Yul Kim1,2, Ki-Byung Lim1,2*
1Department of Horticultural Science, Kyungpook National University, Daegu 41566, Korea
2Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, Kyungpook National University, Daegu 41566, Korea


Interspecific hybridization has widely been used in the Hibiscus species to create novel cultivars with unique bloom colours and shapes. The purpose of this study was to investigate cytogenetic comparison of F1 hybrid with their corresponding parents H. syriacus ‘Blue Bird’ and H. sinosyriacus ‘Seobong’. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) using 5S rDNA and 18S rDNA probes was conducted to know copy number and distributions of complementary rDNA loci in the chromosomes of parental and F1 hybrid. And flow cytometry was used to determine genome sizes, DNA contents. According to chromosomal counts, H. syriacus and H. sinosyriacus had 84 and 80 chromosome number respectively, and their F1 hybrid possessed 82. Two 5S rDNA were detected for H. syricus, H. sinosyriacus and their F1 hybrid. Four 18S rDNA loci (red fluorescence) were found in H. syriacus and six were for H. sinosyriacus, while F1 hybrid was detected with four rDNA 18S loci. Based on the flow cytometry results in the study, 2C-DNA contents, Histogram peak of H. syriacus, H. sinosyriacus and F1 was observed at channel 100. Picogram (pg) value of H. syriacus and H. sinosyriacus was 4.02 pg and 4.11 pg, respectively whereas, F1 hybrid had the amount at 4.09 pg. The result was found in the 2C genome, and the amount was 4014.88 Mbp, 4077 Mbp, 4065 Mbp for H. syriacus, H. sinosyriacus and F1 hybrid respectively.




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